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Video Testimonials are the greatest way to convert prospects into customers. Buyers convert 25% more with video testimonials and reviews on your website. Vidimonials makes it easy for you to collect more Video Testimonials.

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Kiosk mode allows you to capture videos at any function with just a smartphone or tablet.

Vidimonials makes it easy for your business to collect more Video Testimonials.

Vidimonials is a web-based application that makes it easy for your customers to create Video Testimonials. It is simple to use. Your customers click a link, record their video, and you share it on your website. It's that easy.

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In my #1 Wall Street Journal Best Seller "One Hour Marketing" I teach business owners the importance of getting video testimonials. Before Vidimonials it took my clients weeks to get a simple testimonial video done. Now they just send out an email and customers send in gushing reviews.

Herman Pool

CEO Vertical Axion, LLC

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Vidimonials allows your clients to record their video testimonial, so you can make sure your videos are personal, authentic, and helpful.

7 Day Money Back Guarantee